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For more than 14 years our exceptional school has been providing you and your family with a child care and preschool experience that always puts your children's needs first. Learn about us today and check out our schedule so that you can see how special our school truly is for yourself.

Offering a curriculum-based educational experience

Let us provide your child with a curriculum that's focused on making sure he or she is ready for kindergarten and future schooling. By the time your child graduates from our preschool, he or she will have been exposed to a very rich curriculum.


Making sure that your child knows his ABC's or how to write her name is a priority throughout the entire preschool experience. Our curriculum is filled with content including natural science and social studies. We'll provide a solid foundation and expand on the basics throughout their preschool years.  

 •  Nursery  

 •  Toddler time

 •  Field trips for school aged children

 •  Hot, nutritionally balanced meals

 •  Before and after school care

 •  Allergy safe environment

 •  Age appropriate child to teacher ratio


We will teach your kids the essentials necessary to having a successful kindergarten year!


Our curriculum is designed to give your children the essentials that they need to be prepared to enter and to succeed in school. Come in and visit us today so that you can see us in action.


Every age of learning and exploring

Offering you a wonderful child care and preschool experience

Your children need an age appropriate curriculum that will give them the foundation that they need for success in future schooling.