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If you're unable to drop off or pick up your child before and after school, you have options. It's our pleasure to provide you with before- and after-school care that is housed at the Little Miami Intermediate School. Your child will be transported to the school as you need - in the morning, in the afternoon, or at both times.

Preparing your children for formal education

For more than 14 years, our school has been providing you with the superior care and educational experience that you need for all of your children. Whether your child is an infant or a school aged child, our age appropriate services, curriculum, and Christian based values are sure to be just what you have been looking for.


Our teachers have more than 25 years of teaching experience between them and are dedicated to guiding and preparing toddlers for kindergarten and formal school. It's our goal that your child has all of the tools he/she will need to be successful in school both socially and academically.  

 •  Christian based values

 •  Emphasis on respect and manners

 •  Child to teacher ratio appropriate at each age level

 •  All kids have access to breakfast, lunch, and snack

 •  Before and after school care available

 •  Before and after school transportation available

 •  Reliable and insured

Your children are always in good hands with our compassionate staff and Christian based values.


Providing your children with a safe environment that's always positive and child centered is our priority and our privilege. You're going to be thrilled with our facility and staff right from the start.


Our family owned school offers you:  

Do you need access to services before and after school?

No child who enters our school facility will ever go hungry. It's our duty to make sure that your child has access to healthy and nutritious food every day.